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The Tax Verdict On Legal Expenses

Is there any justice when it comes to deducting legal expenses? It depends on your point of view. Certain legal fees are currently deductible, others must be capitalized and still others provide no tax benefit whatsoever. [continue]

Roundup of New Pension Law Changes

The new Pension Protection Act of 2006, signed into law on August 17, 2006, is the biggest overhaul of the pension plan laws in years. But there’s much more to the new law than just that. [continue]

Four Ways to Improve Employee Training.

As more companies are forced to downsize, they are looking for ways for their staffs to pick up the slack. That means that remaining workers have to work smarter—not necessarily faster. It also means working in teams; making quick, effective decisions without going to a higher management level, recognizing problems and devising solutions, and pushing available technologies to the limit. [continue]

What Are the Risks of a Web Site?

Practically every business has its own Web site. It’s almost as automatic as printing business cards. And why not? A well-designed site can create favorable exposure for the business and help you realize new opportunities. However, your Web site might also result in unexpected exposure to legal risks. [continue]

How to Thwart False Workers’ Compensation Claims

Say that an employee submits a workers’ compensation claim. Because the claim will often be covered by insurance, you might consider this to be a relatively minor nuisance. But it may turn into a nightmare if the claim is fraudulent. [continue]

Keying Into Employee Blogs at Work

Advanced technology has both positives and negatives. Case in point: The employees in your company may be using their computers to create personal “blogs.” This practice may seem harmless at first, but employers are now waking up to the potential dangers. [continue]

Roth IRA Conversions: A Window of Opportunity

Thanks to a change in the new tax law enacted in May—the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act (TIPRA)—Roth IRAs (individual retirement accounts) are expected to open up to some high-income individuals who have been closed out before. [continue]

Play It Safe: Keep Home Improvement Records

The home-sale exclusion is one of the “biggest and best” tax breaks on the books. But it still may not be big enough if your home has appreciated substantially since you acquired it. Even if you qualify for the exclusion, you might owe a sizeable tax when you finally sell the place. [continue]
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